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Mozilla Explorer (MEOW) project

Note: User feedback on this project here.

Mozilla is really incomplete without its own file explorer. The MEOW project is an XP (cross-platform) Graphical File Explorer for Mozilla. Mozilla will use this File Explorer whenever it is browsing local and remote directories. It will be written using the Mozilla tree.

The main goal is to eventually add this to the mozilla codebase.

The goals of the project are:
1) Improve Mozilla to make it a good file explorer.
2) Create an XP File Explorer and make an alternative for OS-Specific file explorers.
Ummm... Let's see if you got it:
What is MEOW's OS going to be?
MS-DOS 5.0
3) Increase Mozilla's viability in the Windows market by allowing someone to browse the disk and web with the same piece of software. That way, Explorer won't be the only piece of software that allows that. Down with Explorer!
4) Include many of the popular features among the popular File Explorers.
5) Not crash all the time like Windows Explorer.

This File Explorer will be used:
1) Whenever Mozilla browses a directory on the Web
2) For FTP
3) When browsing the disk

It will have all of the OS-specific extensions to basic file browsing, such as the control panel and my computer in Windows. It will have also little perks like an integrated bash shell for linux and command prompt for Windows built into the Mozilla window.

The MEOW project started out named Oszilla, and was going to be a Mozilla-based window manager of X-Windows. Something similiar already exists, and I decided that the demand for such a program isn't as great as an XP File Explorer/Manager built into Mozilla. Then I changed it to FileZilla. Alas, FileZilla already exists as an FTP client. Therefore, I finally decided to come up with a name I was sure didn't exist yet as an open source project. I said "Hmm, what should I name it." And Mercury (my cat) went, "Meow!". Hey, it could be true ;-)

Project Owner: Brian Bober <>
I am looking for someone to plan and organize the project with me (preferably someone with experience at Mozilla programming and cvs), and looking for people to work on the project. I will be here to provide support and organize, but won't be able to do a lot of the coding at the moment (I'm working on Mozilla and also have a programming job where I am managing the project). If you want to help, then please email me.

It should be an alternative to using the OS standard file explorers. Because of that, it should allow differing functionality based on the OS it is being used in. Specific issues I need to resolve are: 1) What parts of the Mozilla tree will we need to use in order to make it. 2) What features should it have?


Be sure to check out the awesome site Its by our good friend and fellow cat lover Ian Hickson from Netscape and all about mow-mows ;-)
It is not a requirement that you love cats to work on this project. But if you do, and have one, we'll put his picture here. If you have any other pet, you can give it to us too (except for mice or small birds because our cats will kill them) :-)

FileZilla changes name to MEOW.
MEOW project opened.

The meow project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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